Jonova provides the most powerful Integrated Business Planning software available today.

Distinguished by its unparalleled scenario planning, financial analysis, and cross functional performance management capabilities, Jonova delivers the next generation solution for business planning and executive decision support. We deliver actionable planning processes that significantly increase business performance opportunities for our customers.

  • Drive to a resilient single plan of record for company-wide visibility to key profit, revenue and cost drivers, replacing the inefficiencies of planning with numerous standalone spreadsheets
  • Optimize contribution margins using collaborative scenario planning and trade-off analysis
  • Use in-depth financials to establish and execute projects required to achieve global and regional product portfolio and supply chain performance targets
  • Apply highly usable dashboards, flows, charts and graphs to evaluate and communicate strategic options, manage uncertainties and monitor performance to plan
  • Adapt plans quickly to respond to industry complexities, business intelligence and market risks, managing to meet or exceed shareholder expectations

Global customers with compelling needs to maximize their investments, quantify risk and focus closely on profitability use Jonova to execute Integrated Business Planning and Performance Management, realizing fast ROI and ongoing incremental value.

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