Software solutions that convert business opportunities to financial success.

Jonova has a platform and products that combine to deliver robust, flexible solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs across many vertical markets.

Jonova’s Option Explorer Suite

The Jonova Option Explorer Suite brings together proven technology in unique ways to provide you the ability to quantitatively evaluate strategic alternatives that allow you to move your organization quickly and with confidence. The platform includes these key components:


    • Enterprise Scalable Spreadsheets
      The Jonova solution offers multi-user, role-based and role appropriate usability with specialized spreadsheets to automate and minimize application maintenance. These are intelligent spreadsheets because they incorporate smart cells which can access internal or external data sources, evaluate Excel-style formulae and accommodate multiple data types: texts, numbers, logical, time-phased values. To make this easy to use all Option Explorer Spreadsheet can be directly edited using Excel without compromising system integrity and providing minimum training for the casual user. Critical to organizational adoption with nearly zero training cost.


    • Jonova Simulation Engine
      This backbone component is driven by advanced mathematics and best practices to analyze unbounded and bounded future options, including external and internal factors, and enables multiple scenario comparisons and drill down capabilities. The demand logic, optimization logic and simulation capability resides here. This powerful engine uses business policies and rules to drive your simulations. Our platform has the ability to support time period accuracy allowing you to model inter-period adjustments and understand their implications to overall performance.


    • Value Chain Business Modeling Technology
      The Value Chain Business Modeling Technology models the physical flow of your value chain to provide end-to-end business visibility and support functional analysis as well as enterprise-wide analysis. Using scientific modeling methodology, you get high integrity outputs and insights. You also have the ability to compare and contrast multiple scenarios side-by-side in one set of outputs, examining the impacts and deltas.


    • Financial Value Driver Technology
      Since all companies are driven to optimize the bottom line, Jonova uses financials as the semantic language common across the platform, and simulates with the intent to maximize revenue. The financial functionality in the platform reflects the intricate needs of the finance community for costing, revenue realization and reporting. With Jonova, you can understand profitability of your product, portfolio, channel or region.


    • Jonova Charting and Reporting Engine
      The adaptability of the Jonova Charting and Reporting engine enables users to see outputs in their preferred formats and configurations, including quick impact dashboards, a wide range of charting options and full financial reports.


    • Configuration Management Technology
      Supporting unparalleled collaboration capabilities, this component controls the core data, houses templates, sets up scenarios and manages temporary models. It allows you to manage your strategic content with access control and configuration management for data, models, scenarios and outputs. From here data import/export and integration is facilitated and the data transformation process occurs. It uses “optimistic concurrency control” check in to handle conflicts on demand or prior to commitment.


  • Project Manager
    In order to drive from plan to execution, Jonova solutions include the ability to define and track milestones and activities.

Jonova Role Based Products

With Jonova role based products, you can examine the operational and financial dynamics of the extended enterprise, taking your business acumen beyond what other solutions offer. Learn more about our products:

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