Comparing Models

Having trouble choosing the right deployment option? Here are the guidelines.  You can always change later with very little effort. With Jonova, you can switch between the cloud and a traditional license as your business requirements change. Switching is easy because the application code is identical and your customizations are stored separately so they can be exported and re-installed.

Jonova’s deployment services include a long-range planning process within your environment. Our consultants provide process, technology, and data feed expertise that allow your organization to quickly become self-sufficient.

Jonova uses a proven model for successful solution implementation. Our professional services team includes project managers, supply chain experts, technologists, algorithm engineers, quality assurance personnel, and documentation staff. The Jonova Professional Services team works with designated customer resources so that each optimization solution is configured appropriately and implemented effectively, ensuring that user consensus is built into the process and long-term benefits are realized.

Offering Differences

Which Should I Choose?