Option Explorer Cloud Edition

Jonova on the Cloud includes everything you need to run your business better. Purchase the product suites that you require, and we do the rest. Most importantly, Jonova can be accessed and customized using web-based tools, just like an on-premise solution. Our Cloud solution runs on Amazon Web Services.


What is included?

  • Software: full versions of Jonova Software you purchase including all advanced features
  • Hardware: with SaaS, all server hardware is included and you can scale instantly without a lengthy procurement process
  • Operating Environment: the server operating environment is configured by Jonova specifically for this application
  • Upgrades and patches: the SaaS offer includes upgrades and patches to both the operating environment and the Jonova software. You can approve updates or have them applied automatically.
  • Backups: the Amazon Web Services platform includes high reliability and data durability with the ability to backup as often as you need

Is a software license a better option?

Jonova Option Explorers do not lock you into a licensing model or a deployment model. Compare Jonova Cloud and perpetual license options to see which is best for you.

How do I purchase?

You can purchase a Jonova software license and maintenance directly from Jonova. For a demonstration of our powerful platform and products, contact us at info@jonova.com.