Option Explorer

Option Explorer® is a multi-user option analysis and planning platform released in early 2010.

Designed for businesses who require continuous planning and performance management, Option Explorer® is built with advanced collaboration functionality and best-in-class business modeling for evaluating risks and opportunities across your company’s value chain.

In a complex and continuous planning process, Option Explorer®’s dynamic collaboration enables the ability to explore and understand various “what if” scenarios using the latest data without interrupting the production system. It includes an easy mechanism for incorporating changes and testing the impact prior to committing proposed changes to the baseline and the ability to control data sharing with appropriate people.

The enhanced user experience in Option Explorer®, makes basic scenario modeling accessible to the inexperienced and provides new charting and reporting formats required by these users to enable ongoing performance management. At the same time, new functionality for the skilled user increases the sophistication of the analyses and the outputs to enable even better decision support.


For a demonstration of Option Explorer®, contact us at info@jonova.com.