Collaborative Decision Support

Option Explorer® has the data loading, modeling processing, control and presentation capabilities that are critical to decision making across business functions. Option Explore®’s concurrent modification and merge capability enables a multi-user “sandbox” environment to support simultaneous interactions with up-to-date data. Users prepare data, define assumptions, perform analytics, and create “what if” business scenarios relevant to them based on a single collection of data. Users determine if they will keep or publish their changes to others without compromising the system performance and data quality.

The Option Explorer® Platform supports workflows necessary to support ongoing planning processes such as S&OP, Integrated Business Planning and Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, and other instances of collaborative decision making. Option Explorer® enables sharing and communication of the planning processes with impacted users so they can take immediate action with confidence.


  • Faster, more accurate planning cycles using the most current data, with full visibility to cross functional impacts
  • Transformation steps are tracked through KPI’s
  • Focus on the factors that ensure the greatest impact on the outcome