Data Integration

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), as Wikipedia defines it, is a process in database usage and especially in data warehousing that involves:

  • Extracting data from outside sources
  • Transforming it to fit operational needs (which can include quality levels)
  • Loading it into the end target (database or data warehouse)

Option Explorer® provides a rich set of data importing, configuration management, and exporting capabilities to a wide range of data sources and systems. It provides the ability to define the data sources, preserve the data types and thus integrity rules, and control mechanism for when and how the data is to be refreshed. In addition, Option Explorer® has an easy to use translation language, Jonova Expression Language (JEL), that has similar functionality to that you would find in any modern spreadsheet, with functions and cell addressing completion so you never have to use a manual. This means business process owners can maintain and enhance processes without any IT or consultant assistance. Option Explorer® even allows you pick up data from existing spreadsheets. A “must have” feature since many organizations still maintain some or all of the planning processes in spreadsheets.  Most importantly, the integrated process development environment allows you to develop and test any process enhancement against the live system using your personal sandbox.