Simulation Servers

This component is driven by advanced mathematics and best practices to analyze unbounded and bounded future options, including external and internal factors with the intent to maximize revenue. The demand logic and optimization iterations drive maximized value, revenue improvement, lost sales reductions and future cash savings/cash release. Option Explorer® simulation identifies bottlenecks causing inefficiencies resulting in hidden costs.

The Simulation Engine uses business policies and rules (eg: customer prioritization, preferred suppliers, resource allocation) allowing management to frame implementation paths in terms of projects and policy changes over time. The Option Explorer® platform has the ability to support time period accuracy allowing you to model inter-period adjustments and understand their implications to overall performance. Scenarios are fast and accurate because this simulation engine understands what has been changed and runs only what is required.


  • Accurately represent company strategies, business processes, financial structure, market opportunities and constraints
  • Identify the best next step to make directionally correct moves to achieve strategic goals
  • Gain insights into dynamics, drivers, and inflexion points when actual results do not equal plan
  • On-Demand Scenario Simulations, taking advantage of our high scalable elastic computing services enables your organization run hundreds of risk analysis and what if questions in parallel without having to wait for the results