Value Chain Modeling

Option Explorer characterizes the physical flow of your value chain to provide end-to-end business visibility.


Planning assumptions within the value chain such as capacity availability, inventory policies, sourcing and service policies, and learning curves are straightforwardly represented. In addition, the activity base costing and budgeting features enable your organization to have a fully consistent view fixed and variable cost and revenue. This capability enables unparalleled predictive and accurate analytics under a range of possibilities and planning scenarios. Stakeholders across the enterprise can easily view and agree to the model assumptions. Models may include projects and activities that are not traditionally supported in value chain models, such as R&D or new site construction.


  • Gain visibility to the capabilities of the complete value chain over time
  • Control variable costs, resource costs, material costs and distribution costs
  • Understand the interdependencies and performance drivers across functions and with customers and suppliers.
  • Harmonize cross functional planning assumptions

Value Chain Explorer® is an integral part of Option Explorer® but can also be used as a stand alone desktop application. Great for the business analyst who wants capture the full benefits of this value chain modeling technology.