Education Services

Strategic planning within complex industries carries with it the potential to gain or lose tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in business value for a company. Ending up on the winning side of the possible outcomes requires not only the organization’s best thinking, but the right software to support a robust business process in a continually changing environment. Management needs to be able to act while keeping a few economically worthwhile options open just in case circumstances provide a new option or otherwise indicate a need to change course.

Jonova’s software facilitates this process by allowing management to simulate the latest intelligence against the existing delivery plans, to understand their impact on the supply network and the product portfolio value streams, and to update the plans accordingly.

Jonova Education Services provides you a fast start to realizing this continuous strategy process by teaching you the core elements necessary to model any supply network, along with best practices of using those models to drive robust strategic planning processes. These are practical, hands-on courses taught by Jonova consultants, not by “talking heads” or generalist technical trainers. Jonova consultants bring to the classroom years of real-world experience designing and implementing strategic planning models and processes in a variety of industries.

Jonova offers a range of courses for specific user groups that will help teach the needed concepts and functionality for users to perform a role.  Classes emphasis hands-on skill with the Jonova software and the current working environment of a client whenever possible.

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