Corporate Performance Management

Keep your hands on the strategic levers for improved performance.

A solid strategic vision is only the starting point for business success. Financial effectiveness and organization performance is built on the planning, budgeting, and forecasting foundation and managed through metrics that should directly tie the strategic vision and the tactical plans. Executives must have the right analyses and output at their fingertips to understand the tradeoffs and make the decisions that will optimize performance. They must ensure that the tactical plans will result in the desired outcome and they must be able to correct course when unexpected events occur.

Jonova delivers collaborative planning and budgeting that results in significantly reduced cycle time and increased accuracy in the company plan of record. Measurable improvement is realized by having plans and budgets that can easily be adjusted to drive tactical modifications. The faster and more accurately that financial options and performance metrics can be analyzed and acted upon, the greater the organizational success.

Companies that address performance management not simply with nice charts, but with financial depth and performance data will enable timelier and more accurate decisions. Jonova helps companies link corporate strategy to operational plans, generating actionable business insights that are used to increase user productivity, control costs, and improve overall business performance.

Jonova’s Corporate Performance Management Applications help companies like yours:

  • Shorten your annual planning and budgeting cycle time significantly
  • Integrate strategic, financial, sales and operations planning and budgeting and forecasting into a single plan of record
  • Use “what if” scenarios to create profitability optimized budgets
  • Manage the risks inherent from uncontrollable market uncertainty
  • Update Balanced Scorecard-driven plans and driver-based budgets as business conditions change to ensure the company’s ability to adapt to change, meet evolving customer needs and stay ahead of competition
  • Explicitly manage the tradeoffs between customers and costs, top line growth from new products/services and the bottom line, increasing business unit/functional productivity and overall organizational performance
  • Achieve fundamental Capital Budgeting and investment ROI optimization by understanding and better controlling key opportunity and cost drivers

Jonova software enables rapid planning cycles that can be coordinated across functions and business units. New information can be quickly assessed and translated into targets that reflect opportunistic or corrective actions. Planning becomes a more continuous process that is focused on business performance. As a result, it will be more consistent with how executives actually make strategic decisions – unconstrained by organization structures and annual planning time frames. Investment priorities can be quickly updated and resources redeployed based on new information about forecasted costs, benefits, cash flow, and risks. Business owners will have visibility to the implications of the plans and tactics from each of the functional areas. With Jonova, the result is a more robust and holistic process that enables Executives to drive targets and achieve the optimal performance.

“Organizations that use performance management applications to support a performance-driven culture will outperform their peers by 30%” – Nigel Rayner, Gartner