Corporate Strategy

Deliver actionable strategies with a vision for the future.

Businesses thrive or fail based on their ability to identify and execute winning strategies. This is particularly true in today’s uncertain times. Strategic planning requires valuation of multiple strategies, complete with trigger points and KPIs to know when to execute. Jonova offers vigorous scenario planning capabilities to enable evaluation of a wide range of scenarios, delivering the full financial impact of each scenario and comparisons of multiple scenarios in one set of outputs. Executives who are able to drill down and test various scenarios ultimately have stronger strategies and improved performance relative to corporate goals.

Jonova’s Corporate Strategy Applications help companies like yours:

  • Design, communicate, deploy, monitor, and manage strategic and operational plans that enable cash management and working capital reduction
  • Create and compare “what if” scenarios to create profitability optimized budgets, identify trends and performance variations, and update plans and budgets as business conditions change to ensure ongoing ability to meet targets despite market uncertainty
  • Test future-focused, longer range scenarios that identify new opportunities and enable continuous driver-based planning, budgeting and forecasting; understand the cause-and-effect relationships of critical drivers and how they can be managed to optimize contribution
  • Provide a clear line of sight from strategy to execution, aligning strategies with resources and actions, delivering key information to decision makers across the organization to enable enterprise asset management
  • Eliminate spreadsheet inaccuracies and chaos, delivering faster, more efficient, and more accurate analysis and actionable information
  • Speed the rationalization of products and assets that result from mergers and acquisitions
  • Model business continuity and risk scenarios to enable proactive contingency planning
  • Deliver tax optimization by understanding the effect of profit and geography on tax rate and tax spend
  • Identify and manage a capital expenditure plan that ensures optimal investment of assets

Jonova has demonstrated the ability to help organizations define market-leading strategies that improve performance. We provide comprehensive capabilities to improve business unit and overall company performance across your entire value chain. We give you one version of the truth so you can focus on making decisions, not on who has the right data. Companies use Jonova to define and execute actionable strategies that drive better performance.