Portfolio Profitability Optimization

Envision maximum profitability in the overall portfolio.

For large enterprises, connecting markets to products to contribution margin in order to achieve portfolio excellence can be elusive. Balancing performance expectations and resource allocations across multiple business units requires clearly defined portfolio management processes within business units at the corporate level. Maximizing company profitability requires portfolio executives to prioritize and execute innovation strategically while listening to the voice of the customer. The portfolio planning process must evaluate longer range opportunities with the most solid data available, identify and kill poor products sooner to reduce market failure and direct the end the life of products with a timely transition to alternative products. High performing product portfolios use financial scenario modeling along with key metrics to help deliver and manage portfolio success.

Jonova enables companies to evaluate portfolio tradeoffs using robust product and market data with unique time-phased considerations (price erosion, cost reductions, promotion/seasonal variability) to deliver decision-ready options. Portfolio Managers see the full value chain view of the impact of new products in tandem with current products in the portfolio to assess segment gaps/crowding, tier-shifting, cannibalization, foreign exchange rates, and overall portfolio market impact.

Jonova’s Portfolio Optimization Applications help companies like yours:

  • Understand the lifetime value of products and their contribution to the overall portfolio
  • Align the portfolio to business strategy, ensuring that the technology pipeline and innovation investment reflects the company’s strategic trajectory with a spending breakdown that is consistent with defined priorities
  • Perform systematic “what if” modeling to assimilate newly available information so that projected portfolio profitability is regularly monitored and managed
  • Track portfolios to reveal which products may be progressing ahead of expectation or deteriorating beyond recoverability draining resources that could be deployed more effectively elsewhere
  • Drive customer satisfaction and competitive market positioning with strategically balanced portfolios
  • Exercise complexity management in areas of the portfolio where portfolio costs can be reduced without sacrificing strategic objectives or market performance

Portfolio excellence is achievable with Jonova’s Portfolio Profitability Optimization solution. Your company can quickly determine the real value of products and optimize ROI by selecting the right ones, indentifying overlaps and the best implementation sequence. Our experience with process and support for complex global portfolios can bring new levels of fidelity to your portfolio planning. The result will be greater portfolio profitability, better market presence and higher customer satisfaction.