Product Performance Management

Build success into every product.

Successful new products are the lifeblood of your company’s growth and profitability. The success of most new products is determined in the product development phase. Product and Brand Managers need to track the performance of their products from conception to grave. Managing the business case for products throughout the development cycle, and while in the market, is the only way to control the real profitability of a product. Understanding component tradeoffs can mean the difference between a hero or goat product. Timely execution will drive customer satisfaction.

Supplier collaboration early on can improve your product’s capabilities, as well as minimize costs and time to market. By taking a strategic approach to sourcing, Product Managers can deliver more effective cost structures and higher profitability for their products.

Jonova’s Product Performance Management Applications help your business maximize profit by optimizing every stage of your product’s life from product development to product extensions and end-of-life. It integrates product information from design and engineering with sourcing, compliance, suppliers, and supply chains to speed product development, ensure quality, and mitigate risks.

Jonova’s Product Performance Management Applications have helped companies like yours:

  • Use brand planning to improve product innovation cycles and reduce time to market by ensuring the availability of the right balance of resources
  • Provide the analytics to decision makers that will improve tradeoff decisions on products and components, including make-versus-buy and component differentiation versus platform standardization determinations.
  • Drive revenue and margin growth with successful new product introductions
  • Improve product launch success, including regulated industries, with better launch planning
  • Boost product lifecycle profitability, optimizing margins early and managing them over life of the product
  • Enable product financial planning capabilities that support standardized business case development and ongoing evaluation and customer response for product requirement changes
  • Manage loss-of-exclusivity and end-of-life with holistic portfolio visibility and by creating robust transition plans, complete with actionable deliverables, for accountable stakeholders
  • Leverage supply chain segmentation to ensure that cost-to-serve is managed, no margin is compromised and your product reaches the primary targets when promised

Jonova’s Product Performance Management Application examines a product across the value chain for its entire life, relative to the overall portfolio to provide an integrated view of product performance expectations. It enables you to make the right development decisions to deliver more innovative products, shorten time to market, and reduce product and development costs. Product launches can be driven from a plan that defines optimal capacity utilization and delivers the right products to their best markets with the best possible profitability. Jonova will help you build success into every product.