Sales and Marketing

Focus sales and marketing investments for better collaboration and tangible impact.

Sales and Marketing Executives must drive results, yet traditional sales and marketing models are falling short. Conventional advertising and trade promotions are losing their impact. Changes in the media landscape over the last year have been extraordinary and customer expectations relative to interaction and purchasing decisions have shifted.

Still, sales and marketing investment is essential for achieving revenue objectives. Jonova software can support side-by-side financial comparisons of the various potential sales and marketing strategies to enablw a better understanding of the new drivers for ROI.

Jonova’s Sales and Marketing Contribution Optimization Applications can help companies like yours:

  • Get a more effective marketing mix and greater ROI with marketing investment management
  • Improve trade spending effectiveness by determining which allocation across accounts and channels drive the best outcomes, understanding which merchandising activities drive the most volume and, within real constraints, what plan minimizes cost per incremental case
  • Analyze your sales channels to identify new opportunities or to streamline to reduce costs and improve profitability
  • Examine your pricing strategies from the value chain perspective; consider the impacts of economy pricing, differential pricing based on demographics or regions, premium pricing and bundled pricing. Also consider the impact of competitive pricing strategies
  • Calculate demand variation at different price levels, then combine that data with information on costs and inventory levels to identify prices that will improve profits
  • Evaluate customer profitability and tailor sales and marketing activities for customer segments by simulating how targeted customers will respond to various activities
  • Control inventory levels and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that planned sales and marketing activity is consistent with operational plans and capabilities

Jonova will work with you to increase sales and marketing effectiveness and to focus on activities with the highest impact on profitability.