Supply Chain Management

Rev up for high performance operations.

The supply chain needs to run like a finely tuned, high performance machine. The ability to adapt to new business challenges and migrate processes over time is a major driver of success. Market winners use scalable solutions to collaborate and manage end-to-end supply chains. Aligning operations with overall enterprise objectives steers the company towards success. Avoiding or quickly resolving inefficient capacity utilization and supplier conflict means avoiding additional costs and negative profitability impact.

Jonova Supply Chain Performance Management software enables you to discover and optimize value within your supply chain, bringing responsiveness and agility across your system. As a Jonova customer you will profit from the advantages of supply chain solutions that reflect your company’s specific strategic priorities to help you meet your differentiated concept-to-customer vision. You will be able to quickly review key data necessary based on your level of supply chain decision making — supply chain managers, directors and chief supply chain executives.

Jonova’s Supply Chain Management Applications help companies like yours:

  • Provide clear visibility across your value chain, both inside and outside your company to enable your supply chain to perform well in good times and bad times
  • Understand the drivers and make the best possible supply chain tradeoffs: working capital versus capacity, supply chain resilience versus unit cost
  • Facilitate optimal near term capacity planning; understand the cause-and-effect relationships of critical drivers and how they can be managed to free up cash, reduce costs and improve profitability
  • Test future-focused, strategic scenarios that identify new opportunities and the associated resource requirements to enable long range capacity planning and enterprise asset management
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs with precision network design that takes into account duties, ownership changes and working capital, releasing vital cash so your business can grow
  • Use many “what if” scenarios to evaluate ranges of market realities for capacity contracting and financial hedging to increase supply chain agility without adding significant costs
  • Work through market uncertainties and risks to enable proactive contingency preparation with supply chain risk management (disruptive events, market volatility) and supplier risk management (consolidations, bankruptcies)
  • Evaluate supplier management options and tradeoffs to create mutually beneficial performance across the value chain

Jonova solutions enable supply chain performance. Jonova software has the comprehensive capabilities to improve the value delivered from your supply chain by ensuring its context within your company’s overall value chain. From network design to capacity planning and supply risk management, the Jonova solution brings power to performance.