Fly high in the face of rising costs and complexity.

Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer, integrator, or fabricator, running a profitable aerospace business is challenging. Industry cyclicality, aggressive competitors and uncertain input costs significantly impact your business.

To successfully navigate rising complexity, myriads of options and diverse opinions, Jonova’s analytic support and process enablement software can help you test new ideas, quantify the trade-offs, make/revisit decisions, and fine tune your use of scarce cash and talented resources for maximum contribution.

Industry Challenges:

  • Commoditization of products based on mature technologies with little likelihood of breakthrough opportunities
  • Cash strapped customers and/or uncertain funding sources
  • Customers looking for risk sharing partners to place big bets on programs with uncertain lifecycle volumes, production rates and payoffs
  • Hungry, emerging global competitors

Jonova Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Jonova delivers a range of applications that help you maximize contribution across your entire value chain and over the product lifecycle:

  • Corporate Strategy and Performance Management
      • Prioritize improvement and/or investment projects
      • Achieve Working Capital release by evaluating strategic options
      • Use contract design to improve performance
      • Implement advantaged financial system design
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
      • Establish effective ramp planning (eg: capital budgeting, line design/rate capability)
      • Support rate change and business cycle planning
  • Portfolio Optimization and Product Performance Management
      • Use product lifecycle financial modeling and portfolio contribution to maximize contribution
      • Deploy marginal work statement costing/bid and quote to manage profitability for the life of the product
      • Justify make/buy and work transfer decisions
      • Drive unit cost reduction
  • Supply Chain Management
      • Manage supply chain collaboration to improve operational performance, materials flow, and manufacturing flexibility.
      • Understand supply contract design to improve supply chain performance
      • Use multi-echelon supply system design to reduce production lead times with no compromise in product quality or performance
      • Establish supply chain risk management and supplier risk management to protect your bottom line