Find the right chemistry for sustained, profitable growth in chemical manufacturing.

As the chemicals industry continues to feel the impact of the economic volatility, executives and corporate managers have rarely faced such challenging and high stakes business choices. You can weather the credit challenges and the economic volatility by acting quickly and decisively, and making the hard decisions early on. A renewed focus on cost management and control is required to help alleviate the issues and cost pressures that companies are facing in today’s business environment. A strategic approach, focusing on cost reduction, cost management and control processes in parallel, will help you set the stage for more transformational activities.

Jonova software will give you outstanding functionality to understand the critical drivers and examine the financial impacts of altering your company’s strategic drivers. With cross functional collaboration, you will increase the connection and accountability between strategic planning and tactical execution.

Industry Challenges:

  • Customers demanding lower prices and increased service levels
  • Competitors are getting smarter, leaner and expanding their global reach
  • Energy and raw material costs have exhibited extreme volatility
  • New product lifecycles are shorter and competitors are entering the market faster
  • Globalization is lengthening supply chains and increasing business complexity
  • Increased government regulation and scrutiny and greater product stewardship are increasing the amount of information required in the chemical supply chain, often at significant cost
  • Product complexity where potentially every order represents a new product depending on the formula used and the substitutions made

Jonova Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Jonova believes that growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability are not mutually exclusive. Jonova software makes it easier for you to manage the complexity you face. This is especially critical in these times when mounting regulatory compliance and global pricing pressures threaten your bottom line. Jonova enables you to evaluate and compare tradeoffs and options. You can save millions through inventory reductions, shortened time to scale and improved fill rates.

Our solutions ensure that your operations are aligned with your business strategy so you can achieve top-line growth and bottom-line savings. Consider these Jonova applications to address your business challenges:

  • Corporate Strategy and Performance Management
    • Use profitability modeling to improve agility to respond to market changes and to manage through decreases in available credit
    • Proactively evaluate risks from uncertainty to ensure business continuity; embed effective risk management to successfully navigate the current commodity market environment
  • Sales & Operations Planning
    • Streamline S&OP processes and create a more explicit connection between strategy and execution
    • Integrate sell-side and buy-side contract compliances to assess contract compliance risk
    • Evaluate pricing and develop price elasticity curves to outline price-volume trade-offs
    • Portfolio Optimization and Product Performance Management
    • Have a plan for complexity management that clearly identifies the trade offs and business impacts
    • Integrate all product lifecycle phases so you can develop differentiated products in less time, improve product success rates, and drive profitable and sustainable growth
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Achieve lower inventory levels with robust network design and modeling
    • Create capacity plans to sell excess capacity in lean times and profitably allocate capacity in boom times
    • Determine when/how much to cut capacity and which plants should be idled during market volatility
    • Integrate sell-side and buy-side contract compliance