High Tech

Lead the market with innovations faster and more profitably.

The technology industry is driven by relentless innovation. Today’s innovations become tomorrow’s commodities. The challenge is getting them to market fast enough to maximize profit. New products and services must be brought to market quickly and consistently. Plus, you need acute supply chain visibility to respond to rapid price erosion and sudden demand shifts when ‘what’s new’ becomes standard. In this environment, it is vital to manage risk and financial operations carefully and keep the organization agile.

High tech companies share some common challenges and must deal with some unique issues. Products are sophisticated, highly customized, and often complex. Success is highly dependent on successfully managing customer satisfaction, time to market, innovation, and cost reduction. Your agility and speed in getting to market are critical success factors.

Jonova software enables anticipation of market trends and their implications and delivers critical tradeoff information on which to base important decisions. Our solution helps you maximize profit by accelerating time to market and cutting costs. Whether you make or buy, Jonova enables you to synchronize your globally distributed supply and demand chains. Real-time collaboration strengthens the entire concept-to-cash process.

Industry Challenges:

  • Product complexity and development of new technologies causes long lead times for new products and pressure to make state-of-the-art technology bets with limited reliable market adoption data
  • Extremely short product life cycles drive the need for constant new product introductions and cause portfolio management and profitability challenges
  • Variability of customer requirements at many points in the development cycle cause schedule variability and increases quality risks
  • Complex supply chains requiring global coordination of multiple subcontractors and outsourcing for components
  • Highly competitive markets drives intense price competition
  • Speed of obsolescence drives risk of high levels of obsolete inventory

Jonova Solutions for the High Tech Industry

Jonova’s robust simulation modeling software allows you to run a multitude of scenarios while changing multiple variables in order to understand the key drivers and identify and evaluate potential opportunities and risks. You can look at specific scenarios—tax tradeoffs, loss carry-forward ability, different countries’ corporate and withholding tax rates, multiple financial structures and contracting options, transfer pricing and exchange rate risks, rapidly evolving government regulations, and draw conclusions based on quantitative data, not guesswork. The result is dramatic and lasting ROI.

Bottom line — Jonova’s solutions help you meet the challenges of a fiercely competitive marketplace. You will speed innovation, accelerate time to market, maximize profit and lower operating costs.

  • Corporate Strategy and Performance Management
      • Balance your assets carefully to shorten their product time-to-market while keeping overhead and operational costs down
      • Enter emerging markets and rebalance your global network capacity to maximize returns
      • Manage cash and reduce working capital without negatively impacting future strategies
      • Proactively analyze risks and prepare plans to ensure business continuity
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
      • Incorporate financially driven planning into your current S&OP process with explicit connections between strategy and execution
      • Reduce Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting cycle time to get to a consensus plan quicker and support active plan amendments
  • Portfolio Optimization and Product Performance Management
      • Know what SKU combinations will give you the greatest sales, share, or profitability outcomes given the competitive environment
      • Indentify the technology investments that ensure maximum returns and the cash flow and investment schedule that would be required to support the technology plan
      • Formulate successful launch strategies by optimizing ROI against a wide range of potential demand, supply and competitive scenarios
      • Manage product lifecycle profitability with price curve analysis and contribution margin optimization
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Use supply chain collaboration to grow and contract your business as the market shifts
    • Understand the impact of surging raw material and transportation costs on product costs and profitability
    • Evaluate strategic sourcing options for various components to offset changing cost structures