Medical Devices

Cure the challenges of rising costs and regulatory shifts to remain competitive.

The medical device industry is under tremendous pressure to identify and commercialize innovative medical solutions that lower costs, improve clinical outcomes, reduce liability and eliminate preventable errors. With the convergence of scientific, electronic and digital technologies, the market expections for faster and more cost effective solutions are accelerating. Growth in emerging markets and the trend of consumer driven healthcare impacts business models, pricing, and distribution channels for you. At the same time, greater regulatory scrutiny at the federal and state levels combined with reimbursement uncertainty associated with the pending Healthcare Reform, increases risks and profitability pressures for your company.

Jonova software helps medical device companies gain visibility to the financial implications, tradeoffs and risks of strategic decisions that must be made proactively or in response to market shifts.

Industry Challenges:

  • Complex dynamics posed by reimbursement, future technology developments, information management, and control systems make it difficult to understand the bottom line impacts of management decisions
  • Market saturation in leading markets is driving the trend towards emerging markets for growth
  • Margins are being scrutinized and pay-for-performance and comparative effectiveness programs may change contribution expectations
  • Long product life expectations require ongoing support driving costs and impacting investment allocations
  • Supply chain inefficiencies are becoming more visible as margins challenges come into play
  • Globalization requires the ability to address trade barriers that are created by differences in regulatory systems
  • Disparity in national reimbursement introduces adoption hurdles for more-complicated devices in global markets
  • Federal and state oversight is increasing relative to trade and channel marketing practices

Jonova Solutions for the Medical Devices Industry

Jonova software makes it easier for you to analyze, plan and manage the uncertainties of the medical devices market. With the most robust simulation engine available today, you will be able to examine alternative scenarios to answer questions on cost management, profitability and contribution optimization. Understanding the risks and tradeoffs associated with market variability, regulatory changes, product delays and asset utilization will enable you to manage your business confidently. The Jonova applications below enable your path to success with complete, integrated business planning solutions that deliver outstanding value based on performance and functionality.

  • Corporate Strategy and Performance Management
      • Build more flexible organizations with acute risk management capabilities enabling the ability to respond quickly to evolving market conditions
      • Determine funding allocations based on accurate and reliable financial scenarios
      • Analyze and understand the bottom-line impact of changing reimbursement policies
      • Evaluate alternative acquisition options, understand the tradeoffs and achieve more effective post-merger integration
  • Sales and Operations Planning
      • Incorporate financially driven planning into your current S&OP process with explicit connections between strategy and execution
  • Portfolio Optimization and Product Performance Management
      • Manage portfolio profitability with a comprehensive view of current and planned products along with attachment rates and service requirements
      • Monitor projected product line profitability over the lifecycle based on latest commodity prices and pricing negotiations
  • Sales and Marketing Management
      • Examine pricing and channel control issues to optimize contribution within regulatory parameters
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Quantify network design options to manage risk and actively plan supply chain flexibility
    • Plan an asset footprint that will result in the lowest cost-to-serve over multiple potential volume and mix scenarios over long term time horizons
    • Plan transition costs in time phased projects to understand the investment and cash impact