Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Keep your business healthy with a shot of Jonova software.

In pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, your top and bottom line revenue are threatened by increasingly stringent regulation, government price controls, cost pressures, and fewer blockbuster drugs. The extremely competitive landscape for in-licensing and the need to continuously right size the internal and external manufacturing networks without compromising supply or local compliance efforts requires you to be able to understand a broad range of business drivers. Unfortunately, today’s ERP and Advanced Planning systems do not have the ability to understand the critical drivers, financial impacts and tradeoffs unique to this industry to enable you to manage the challenges and opportunities to outperform the competition.

Jonova can help you increase pipeline productivity, reduce time to market, and improve efficiencies across your business. Use Jonova software to simulate key elements of your value chain including: molecule/candidate, product partnerships, development, sales and marketing, resourcing requirements and investments, ownership of brand, product and IP, physical flows throughout the supply network, and product values and volumes. You will better understand the interdependencies of variables such as revenue, cost, cash, volume, mix, yield, etc., and how to manage simultaneous changes of multiple variables. By continuously measuring delivery against strategy, you will be able to identify opportunities to streamline management of your combined global assets, reduce working capital requirements and COGS, and enhance value.

Industry Challenges:

  • Increasing regulation and new scrutiny relative to “pay for performance”
  • Intensifying competition and potential impact of biosimilars
  • Conversion of prescription drugs to generics and growth in cost and utilization of specialty pharmaceuticals
  • Shifting demographics and sales channels
  • Supplier risk from increased mergers, layoffs and contracted companies

Jonova Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries

Jonova can give you a clear perspective on how to drive value in today’s competitive and risk-driven environment. Use the Jonova applications below to simulate, evaluate, and achieve business objectives:

  • Long Range Planning
      • Discover network capacity issues
      • Support lifecycle changes for the entire product portfolio
      • Understand where risk is accumulating in your supply chain
      • Prioritize projects based on the long range impacts they will have on your network
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
      • Fit the supply chain for each new product
      • Ensure agility is in place to support constant changes in a product launch
      • Test the robustness of the supply chain to handle potential failures
      • Compare ideas on how to improve the supply chain for new products
  • Portfolio Optimization and Product Performance Management
      • Understand the preferred formulations and the mechanisms to optimize your profitability
      • Address product value questions at an early stage of development
      • Create collaboration between R&D and the commercial business to drive more successful new product launches and achieve fast peak sales at product launch
      • Define Loss of Exclusivity plans to manage revenue loss and identify replacements as patents expire
  • Supply Chain Management
      • Optimize the movement of inventory in your supply chain so that demands are met effectively and efficiently; drive the right inventory levels to maximize profitability
      • Enable cross-functional collaboration internally and with suppliers, customers, and partners
      • Evaluate when and how to use outsourcing to your advantage, maximizing costs savings and better managing 3rd party relationships
      • Understand risk factors in your supply chain and develop plans to mitigate the risks and protect your bottom line