Environmental Sustainability

You drive the environmental sustainability vision and execution for your company. Collaborating with various business and functional teams, as well as external stakeholders (customers, NGOs, trade organizations, etc.) you strive to balance the social, environmental, and economic aspects of sustainability. Grounded in your company’s overall business strategy, you identify the key drivers that inform the sustainability agenda and frame the company position and strategies for achieving desired results.

Jonova can help your business establish sustainability driven product, packaging, supply chain and manufacturing programs. You will be able to coordinate, monitor and report progress on sustainability driven initiatives.

  • Cap and Trade Analysis: understand the potential business impact of Cap and Trade and other pending regulatory actions
  • CO2 Reduction and Business Trade Offs: provide roadmap to reduce carbon footprinting and conservation of resources while simultaneously addressing the customer service tradeoffs of your carbon footprint reduction plan
  • Commodity Chain Analysis: simulate alternative methods of methods of sourcing/procurement side-by-side to understand sustainability repercussions as well as the business implications
  • Sustainability Impact Analysis and Business Implications: model energy/carbon consumption across your entire value chain, and understand product lifecycle carbon assessment and costing while compiling product and operational analyses

To achieve the objectives of your role, you need applications that enable you to collaborate effectively with relevant data and financial implications. Jonova provides a world class solution to support your role.