You are responsible for financial planning and budgeting. You communicate financial performance and forecasts. You manage the financial risks of your company.

Jonova allows you to manage the full spectrum of budgeting, planning and risk management by bringing a unique financial perspective to cross-functional, enterprise-level planning and providing ongoing insights into your business.

You can use Jonova’s integrated operations and financial simulation software to shape a number of core business processes including:

  • Annual Planning and Budgeting: replace spreadsheets with a common budgeting platform. Have greater control by using universal assumptions about foreign exchange rates, pay increases, benefit rates, training, travel, etc. Tailor departmental budgets to individual manager needs, while also supporting detailed payroll budgets.
  • Continuous, Driver-Based Planning and Budgeting: establish an ongoing driver-based planning process by expanding target setting to the entire organization. Use Jonova’s activity-based costing system to calculate budgets, set standard costs, and predict variances when assumptions or plans change. Build budgets and plans much faster and with greater accuracy. Execute performance management with greater degrees of collaboration and more direct control over the key drivers.
  • Strategy and Balanced Scorecard-Driven Budgets: translate Balanced Scorecard targets into a preliminary view of financial and operational resource requirements using a high level driver based approach. Determine if targets and revenue and demand expectations enable the organization to achieve financial objectives. Make appropriate changes before starting your budget process.
  • Capital Budgeting and Investment ROI Optimization: automate Capital Budget requests. Develop accurate ROI estimates for individual projects. Determine the project mix and implementation sequence that minimizes risk and optimizes ROI across functions, business units and legal entities. Align investment proposals with enterprise strategy and available resources.
  • Tax Optimization: minimize taxes, duties, and royalties by working out the most effective structural and operational designs to support overall tax optimization. Provide product and portfolio visibility for future above-the-line and below-the-line tax liabilities to determine and test appropriate network design decisions for maximizing future business value.
  • Profitability Optimization: develop detailed forward looking plans that support (local and global) product and customer rationalization, while also supporting new product development and customer acquisition processes. Develop a detailed understanding about the impact of potential decisions on the entire organization. Assess a wide range of risks associated with profitability analysis.

Jonova delivers new levels of awareness of the financial significance of day-to-day decisions, enabling better enterprise-wide collaboration and coordination.