Information Technology

You are responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support enterprise goals, including the responsibility for processes and practices supporting the flow of information. You are a key contributor in formulating strategic goals. You are involved with analyzing and reworking existing business processes to identify and exploit your enterprise knowledge resources to enhance business performance. In today’s market environment, you are being tasked more frequently to support efforts to demonstrate the business implications of various product and projects, to identify ways to reduce cost while sustaining overall customer service levels.

  • Business Strategy Support: support the ability for comprehensive business units or enterprise-wide scenario modeling. Enable secure, role-based collaboration with appropriate access controls.
  • Performance Management: provide the functionality your company needs to define, monitor and optimize results to achieve departmental objectives, as well as strategic objectives across multiple organizational levels. Drive the definition of the enterprise metrics framework and enable the processes that connect strategy to execution.
  • Financial Sales and Operations Planning: enable financial S&OP that meets the needs for enterprise-wide, role appropriate visibility to support ongoing plan definition and adjustments.
  • Business Continuity: understand what can go wrong, what potential harm may be caused, what events could cause such harm, how to stop events from occurring, how to respond if such events occur and how to ensure that measures are in place and remain effective on an ongoing basis. Recognize risks that are relevant to business goals and prioritize risks in order of relevance and impact to your business.