R&D/ Product Development

You are responsible for defining and managing the development of superior and differentiated new products; ones that deliver unique benefits and superior value to the customer. These products must be profitable and delivered to the market in a timely fashion to meet customer needs. Your role spans many activities from strategic to tactical. You often serve an inter-disciplinary role, bridging gaps within the company between teams of different expertise, most notably between engineering-oriented teams and business-oriented teams.

Jonova can help you with your key responsibilities: prioritizing technology and product roadmaps, determining business case feasibility of new products, understanding lifetime profitability of individual products, and the overall portfolio. Jonova software enables you to factor in external factors and attach rates into your decision making process. The resulting insights will give you new ways to triage your development ideas and product pipeline, given the uncertainties that might happen, all in the interest of protecting your financial results.

You can use Jonova’s integrated product management and financial simulation software to optimize your products and your portfolio including:

  • Portfolio Optimization: ensure that your portfolio of products/projects reflects the company’s innovation and strategic trajectory with a spending breakdown that is consistent with defined priorities. Maximize the value of the portfolio via a number of key objectives such as profitability, ROI, and acceptable risk. Systematically rebalance investments across the portfolio, products, and SKUs to focus on those with highest potential for growth, and shed underperforming parts of the portfolio.
  • Product Profitability: understand lifecycle profitability of products and product families, from development to new product launch to attach rates and product retirement. Get detailed visibility to the financial potential of products and product lines, collaboratively aggregated across the value chain to maximize control of the contribution margins.
  • Technology Pipeline/Roadmap: determine which future development opportunities and technologies will maximize business returns, and understand the cash investment profile that’s required to enable future growth
  • Complexity Management: evaluate, plan and execute asset rationalization programs to ensure costs and resources are not wasted, service levels are not threatened, and sales are not lost
  • Pricing Strategies: achieve the maximum value possible from the market while uncovering opportunities to improve profits across customers and products. Understand how demand varies at different price levels and combine this with information on cost and inventory levels to determine pricing strategies that will improve profitability.
  • New Product Introduction: understand the bottom line implications of key customer requirements. Build a realistic Business Case and prepare to optimize the product at launch.

Jonova enables you to develop product plans based on strong analytics, with resource investment tied to market growth curves and investments. Justifying products in financial terms ensures alignment with business objectives.