Sales and Marketing

You actively shape the position of your business in the marketplace. You have primary or shared responsibility for product definition, marketing communications, advertising, promotions, pricing, sales management, channel management, and customer service. Much of your success is tied to relationships and collaboration.

Jonova enables new levels of collaboration that will improve sales and marketing alignment with each other and with the overall company objectives.

Use Jonova software to optimize key processes within Sales and Marketing including:

  • Market Assessment and Planning: synthesize short- and long-term trends and drivers of growth that impact the market. Evaluate options and plans to maximize opportunities and manage risks.
  • Competitive War-Gaming: anticipate impact of potential competitive activities. Proactively plan activities that challenge your competitors.
  • Brand Management: evaluate opportunities to leverage/extend brands based on their growth potential or ability to strengthen the core brand in the long term.
  • Pricing Strategies: uncover opportunities to improve profits across customers and products. Understand how demand varies at different price levels and combine this with information on cost and inventory levels to determine pricing strategies that will improve profitability. Examine initial pricing, promotional pricing and markdown or discount pricing to manage performance within and across the time periods.
  • Marketing Investment Management: demonstrate marketing contribution to corporate goals. Allocate spending based on a clear understanding of returns on investment from each of the elements in the marketing mix.
  • Trade Spending Effectiveness and Contract Compliance: understand performance expectations and cross-functional impact of trade promotions and channel contracts on the portfolio, supply chain, service organizations and the financial plan.
  • Customer Profitability: tier customers, screening for current and potential value. Structure plans, promotions and service to delight your most valuable customers.
  • Global and Regional Sales Planning: understand the value chain implications and risks associated with global sales strategies and regional emphasis.
  • Channel Profitability: manage product/service flows across channels in a long-term, profit-maximizing manner. Tailor incentives to drive desired behaviors.